Adventure Journal:

Black Curs Blues, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #8, Nov. 1995)

Death Hunter, by Tony Russo (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
The Kaal Connection, by Peter Schweighofer and Timothy Zahn (SWAJ #7, Aug. 1995)
Retreat from Coruscant, by Laurie Burns (SWAJ #7, Aug. 1995)
Slaying Dragons, by Angela Phillips (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
Wind Raiders of Taloraan, by James, Cambias (SWAJ #5, Feb, 1995)
Assignment: Decoy (no author named, more game than story, from SWG#7, 1996)
The Battle of Cadinth, by Bill Smith (from SWG#2, 1995)
Jedi Protector, by Peter Schweighofer (from SWG#13, 1997)
Sandbound on Tatooine, by Peter Schweighofer (from SWG#10, 1997)

Star Wars Insider stories:

The History of the Mandalorians, by Abel Pena (not a story, but an article from Insider #80)

Stories found in other magazines:

The Lost City of Tatooine, by David West Reynolds (from Dig magazine Vol. 1, #2, June/July 1999)

Short Stories originally printed in video or role-playing books: *(these are also listed in the "Video Game Books" section)

The Saga Begins, by Timothy Zahn *(see also "Game Books" section below) (short story that came with "The Darkstryder Campaign" boxed set from West End Games, 1999)
Star Wars: Tie Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide, (contains chapter intros with "Stele Chronicles" stories, Prima Publishing, 1994)