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you have unearthed ... but, in Valen's name, I can save one woman."

Except that standing there muttering to himself wasn't exactly going to do much in the way of saving anybody. And he had no idea where to even begin looking for the woman-----

Yes. Yes, he did. He suddenly realized that he knew exactly where to at least start looking.

He drew a deep breath, tried to ignore the stabbing pain he felt when he did so, and headed off down the corridor in the direction of Green Sector, level 12, section 5, room 26.

Lennier prayed that he would be in time, and had the hideous feeling that he might not.

Sheridan prayed that he would be in time, and had the hideous feeling that he might not.

Moving as quickly as he could via an airpack, Sheridan emerged from the zero-gravity cargo bay. The artifact sat a deceptive distance away. It seemed as if it were quite near the station, even though Sheridan knew-intellectually-how far away it actually was. As he launched himself across the void, he couldn't help but feel like the most incredible sitting duck in the history of the galaxy.

It was an absolute fireball everywhere, with ships flying around and toward one another, firing, rocketing in every direction as the alien ships tried to keep the assault fleet at bay.

Sheridan fought back the feeling that he was completely helpless. Every single ship looked huge to him; even Starfuries seemed massive when viewed from the outside. And what was most peculiar was that there were all these mammoth objects hurtling all around him, blasts exploding, bursts crackling along the exterior of the artifact, ships being blasted into nothingness ... and it all was happening in eerie silence. The only thing Sheridan could hear steadily was the sound of his own breathing.

He'd never
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