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a fearsome place that he trembled even to think about. And a tower. And a voice, some sort of perverse voice that had insinuated itself into his very consciousness. Something that had tried to pull him away into ... into another place.

And Delenn ... she had been there as well, she ...

He gasped and suddenly felt as if his stomach were about to empty itself of its contents. He felt perverse, he felt evil. And then he felt a cold fury such as he had never known burning within him. Something had reached deep inside, found thoughts buried so far down that he had thought they were inaccessible to anyone-even to him-and had twisted them, tried to seduce him into some sort of... of...

He couldn't even finish the thought, so repulsive was it to him. And then a face seemed to leap into his memory.

That man ... the one the woman had called "Leo." He had been the one she was running from. Lennier had sworn to protect her, to get her to safety, and had failed to do so. Failed because of Vir ... no. No, it wasn't Vir. It was that... that thing, that entity that had insinuated itself into the heads of Leo and Vir, and had threatened to carry him away as well.

"You won't get the woman," he murmured. He was surprised how his voice sounded, how thick his lips were. It was probably because the side of his face was already beginning to swell. He ignored it, fought his way through it as he pushed himself away from the wall. The world seemed to tilt at an angle for a moment and then righted itself through his sheer force of will. "You won't get her!" he repeated. "I cannot help Delenn in what she must do... I cannot attack your monstrous portal, or undo the damage you have done to people's lives ... I cannot take back the revulsion I feel, down to my soul, for the thoughts that
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