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almost a month. I haven't been sent a staff from Earth, and I've not been allocated a budget to establish and maintain a working embassy. I can't continue to rely solely on Minbari resources to do my job."

"Well, we certainly appreciate your patience to this point, Ambassador. But all I can do is ask you to give it time. Things are still unsettled in the aftermath of President Santiago's tragic death. We'll raise the subject of your assignment to Minbar at the reconvening of Congress in March. Nothing can be done until then, I'm afraid."

"That's completely unacceptable-"

"I'm afraid you have no choice but to accept it, Ambassador. How lucky for you the Minbari are so eager to help you, and that you can so obviously rely on their goodwill. Now, I fear I have a very busy schedule today, so if there's nothing else I can help you with..."

"There is another matter. I had been assured by your office that my personal effects, which had been sent to Earth from Babylon 5, would be forwarded to me here, but I have not yet received anything. When might I expect them?"

This seemed to take the aide by surprise. "Your personal effects? A moment please." He put Sinclair on hold. After a long moment, he returned. "I am afraid there has been something of a mix-up regarding your belongings. I'm informed that it was all forwarded to your family here on Earth. A brother, I believe? Perhaps you should take it up with him. Now if you will excuse me. Good day."

Meugnot's image was replaced by the StellarCom logo. Sinclair sat back perplexed. What was Clark's game? He had been so eager to send him to Minbar, so full of platitudes about how important the job was and how only he could do it.

Sinclair had a working relationship with at least three current senators, all of them
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