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"That's wonderful, Rathenn. Thank you. Any idea what the problem was?"

"I am not an engineer, Ambassador."

And that was not an answer, thought Sinclair. "What about other links to Earth locations?"

"I was only told of EarthDome."

"How about to Babylon 5?"

"I'm sorry, Ambassador, I was-"

"-only told of EarthDome," Sinclair finished for him. "All right. Well, thanks."

On arriving, Sinclair went immediately to his computer and called up StellarCom; within moments he was connected to EarthDome Communications. He entered the code for President Clark's office. And waited. After several more moments, an unctuous young man appeared on the screen.

"Ah, Sinclair. We've been wondering why there's been no communication from you since your arrival. The Minbari say you were having some difficulty getting through. Alien technology can be rather unreliable at times, no?"

Sinclair didn't know this man and didn't like his unwarranted and patronizing tone of familiarity, but he answered in a neutral tone. "I wish to speak to the President."

"I'm afraid that isn't possible right now. I've been instructed to help you in any way I can. Think of me as your liaison."

"And just who are you?"

"Peverell Meugnot. I am President Clark's personal aide."

"Well, Mr. Meugnot, I am the Earth ambassador to the Minbari Federation, an assignment that was given to me by President Clark, who told me that any communication I made with EarthGov was to be with him personally. Was he informed I was calling?"

"Yes, Ambassador," said Meugnot, with a subtle stress on the title, "and the President asked me to deal with it personally. I am fully briefed on your situation. Now how can I help you?"

Sinclair took a deep breath. "Mr. Meugnot, I have been on Minbar for
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