Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

You may be one of them. We call to you, we urge you, for we are very close, and you are formidable. You can be of use.

We know what you want.

We can give her to you.

When we arrive, we will destroy the one she loves. We will even allow you to do it. You will hold his living heart in your hand, if you so desire, and crush it so that the blood is seeping between your fingers. It will be a warm and joyous feeling. And she will be there waiting for you, for she will be ours as well. And the two of you will be as one. Will be as the One, will encompass all that there is.

Feel the joy that we can offer. We can conjure her for you, if you so desire, as we provided the women for Vir.

See her. See her coming to you now, her arms outspread, her lips parted and whispering your name in the way that you've desired her to. She wears only a thin veil that conceals nothing, and she reaches to the clasp to remove it, and once she does, she is yours, completely yours.

Touch her, Lennier. Reach out, touch her, pull her to you as you know you wish to . . . and you will be one of us, you will be part of us, and you will rejoice in the coming of the One. Embrace her, embrace us, love us, see, she is about to speak your name out loud as the veil drops to the ground, she says-

Abruptly Lennier sat up, his breath rasping in his lungs, his hand covering his eyes as if trying to avert them. His heart pounding so hard against his chest he thought it was going to burst out. Slowly he rose, steadying himself against the wall, making every effort not to keel over. His head was throbbing.

What in the world had he just seen? What had he witnessed? Whatever it was, it had chilled him to the very core, and even the thought of it made him feel unclean.

There had been a city ...
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