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5, access code on file."

The StellarCom system logo stared mutely at him from the screen while the system processed his request.

"That link will take five minutes and twenty-two seconds to process. Please stand by."

Finally. Sinclair felt a bit of hope for the first time in a long while. He had been recalled to Earth from Babylon 5 in the midst of a great crisis on Earth- the President, Luis Santiago, had died in the explosion of his personal transport ship, Earthforce One, just moments after Sinclair and his command staff on Babylon 5 had uncovered evidence to indicate the explosion was the result of an assassination plot, not a tragic accident. Obtaining that evidence had nearly cost the life of Babylon 5's security chief- and his friend- Michael Garibaldi.

Sinclair had tried to bring that evidence to the attention of EarthGov while still on Babylon 5 and during the short time he was on Earth. He was all but ignored both times, told the evidence was faulty, told an investigation would look into it, told not to spread dangerous rumors.

And then he was told to report to Minbar as the new Earth ambassador. Your world needs you to go to Minbar, President Clark, the commander-in-chief of Earthforce, had told him. Maybe the Minbari need you as well. We've heard there is trouble between the Minbari religious caste and the military caste.

Why send me Sinclair had asked. He didn't want to leave Babylon 5, didn't want to abandon the important work he had been doing there, didn't want to leave behind the people who had become his friends, didn't want to leave the side of his critically wounded friend, didn't want to leave without at least trying to send word to Catherine who was somewhere on The Rim surveying new planets for the Universal Terraform Corporation.

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