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" said Rathenn. He seemed pleased by this. "I have been informed that two passenger ships will be arriving, one later today and one tomorrow, both with Human passengers listed on the manifest."

"Thank you, Rathenn. I assume the manifests have been forwarded to my computer." It was the one part of his job as ambassador that Sinclair had been able to do over the past few days. By law, all alien visitors to Minbar were required to come to the government palace and register their presence. And with Sinclair's appointment, the law had been expanded to require those Humans visiting Minbar to meet with the Earth ambassador and explain their reasons for being on Minbar.

Rathenn seemed eager for Sinclair to carry out this duty, and in this matter alone was extremely helpful. There were never that many Humans on Minbar at any one time, but enough that Sinclair had been seeing a fairly steady stream of visitors. Rathenn had assigned Sinclair an aide from the Minbari religious caste to help with the paperwork involved and keep the appointments scheduled at a reasonable pace.

Rathenn bowed politely to Sinclair. "I shall leave you now, Ambassador. But if you should require anything, I am at your service."

"Thank you, Rathenn," Sinclair said, returning the bow. "There are many things I require that seem to be impossible to obtain, but I appreciate whatever efforts you are making on my behalf."

If Rathenn saw the double edge to that statement, he did not show it. "It is my pleasure, Ambassador."

"There is one other thing I'm having some difficulty with," Sinclair continued before Rathenn could leave. "Perhaps you could be of some service there. My uplink access to the StellarCom network was finally installed yesterday, but for some reason I've been unable to establish
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