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But why? He was on Minbar as ambassador at the specific request of the Minbari government. If they didn't want him to do his job, why had they insisted upon his assignment to the job?

He wondered again if it was still just the repercussion from the incident that had occurred when he first arrived on Minbar. Almost before he'd had time to unpack he had been arrested and falsely accused of taking part in a bizarre plot to assassinate Jenimer, the recently inaugurated Minbari leader. He had seen quite a few Minbari officials then, all sitting in judgment on his life.

Though he had tried very hard to obtain it, Sinclair had never received a clear answer on exactly what had happened, or who had been behind the plot to frame him. And he knew that in the eyes of some of the higher ranking military caste, such as Neroon, who didn't like him in the first place, he had not actually been cleared of the crime-merely pardoned by the Chosen One himself, the supposed target of the plot. They couldn't argue with the Minbari leader's decision, but they didn't have to like it, and many didn't.

Rathenn, aware of this, had tried to assure Sinclair every day that most Minbari did not view Sinclair with suspicion. But Sinclair, when he allowed himself a moment of cynicism, wondered if that wasn't mainly because most Minbari had not been informed of his presence on their planet.

Sinclair and Rathenn had reached the two-story-high triangular entrance to the government palace, and as always, Rathenn accompanied Sinclair to his suite of offices.

"Stranger in a strange land," Rathenn mused. "An interesting expression."

For a moment, Sinclair didn't know what he was talking about, but then remembered what he had said. "It's a quote from the Bible, one of my people's holy books."

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