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of keeping the forces of Babylon 5 out, it did nothing to keep the enemy forces in.

Delenn was absolutely right. If they sat there and waited for Sheridan's signal, they'd be overwhelmed. For that matter, they might already be overwhelmed, but Ivanova wasn't about to just sit there and let it happen. She hit another switch on her chair and said quickly, "Control to assault fleet... break and attack ... but target the front of the artifact. I repeat, target the front of the artifact only."

This wasn't an order which was enthusiastically greeted by everyone who heard. Many felt it would be far better to try and outflank the opposition, hit from all sides. But Ivanova had given her order, and no one was about to disobey it. Chain of command aside, they knew the way that the universe worked. Face down the ships, face down whatever else may be lurking within the artifact, hurl yourself into the breach against whatever forces may array themselves against you ...

... but don't even think about crossing Ivanova.

In the pilot ready room back on Babylon 5, Sheridan had finished changing into a bulky EVA suit. He wore everything but one glove and his helmet as he moved toward a panel that displayed a radiation symbol and the words, "Tactical Field Weapons. Authorized Personnel Only. Identity Scan Required."

The captain placed his exposed hand to the scanner, and held his breath for a moment. With systems coming and going throughout the ship, if the handprint identification systems were down, then that might very well toll the death knell for Babylon 5. But the panel lit up and the familiar computer voice said, "Access confirmation required."

Sheridan said, "Sheridan, John J. Captain. Password: Abraxas, seven-nine-seven-one-three."

"Identity confirmed," replied
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