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how do they tie in? And how the hell was an entire Minbari fleet able to sneak up on Sinclair's squadron at the Battle of the Line right out in open space?!"

Kathryn is not just rigorously logical, she is relentlessly logical. Things have to make sense, and there can't be any loose threads lying around. But there were a number of loose threads surrounding the story of Sinclair's development into Entil'Zha, the head of the Rangers... Marcus's months being trained for his own duties as a Ranger... the fate of Sinclair's fiance© Catherine Sakai... and the ceremonies that prepared Sinclair to take up the role of Valen, one of Minbar's greatest leaders, a Minbari not born of Minbari.

All those threads have now been tied up in this one book.

And I'm just as astonished by this as you are.

It's a remarkable achievement. A breathtaking accomplishment, if for no other reason than we both somehow came through the experience without killing each other.

Relentless. Trust me on this one. Re-fragging-lentless.

To Dream in the City of Sorrows is not simply a licensed book set in the BABYLON 5 universe. While most of the Dell books to date have contained some elements that are considered canon, this is the very first one that is considered canonical in every small detail.

What you hold in your hand is an official, authorized chapter in the BABYLON 5 story line. This is the definitive answer to the Sinclair question, and should be considered as authentic as any episode in the regular series. This, you should also know, is Kathryn Drennan's first novel, though she's a Clarion graduate who has been published in Twilight Zone magazine and many other fine magazines. She has also written for several television series, including BABYLON 5, for which she penned the excellent
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