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You ... hit me ... on my bone."

"During the ... the ..." and with one sweeping gesture he tried to take in the entirety of the insanity which had gripped Babylon 5, "... the ... you know ... ?"

"That is correct."

"Lennier, I am ... I am so sorry! Great Maker, I hit you on your bone..."

"With an iron bar," Lennier added.

Vir buried his face in his hands. "I am so sorry. Really. I am so very, very sorry. Does it hurt?"

"It will subside."

"Let me ..." Vir's mind raced. "Let me get you ... some milk...."

"Milk?" asked a puzzled Lennier.

"Yes. Yes, it's got calcium. And that's good for..." He gestured and finished, with an air of helplessness, "... for bones."

"Oh." Lennier gave it a moment's thought and then shrugged slightly. "I... appreciate the gesture. Very well."

Vir hurried over to the bar, went up to the bartender, and said quickly, "Can I have a glass of milk?"

The bartender stared at him. "Milk?"

"That's right."

"Would you like some cookies with that?" he asked derisively.

Vir considered it a moment, then leaned forward with interest and asked, "What kind have you got?"

In medlab, Franklin walked over to the man who sat hunched by the bed that his brother lay in. Alex Rosen, unconscious, lay hooked up to life-support systems. Leo sat nearby, staring off into space.

"Mr. Rosen, you've been here eighteen hours," Franklin said, not unkindly. "Perhaps you want to go back to your quarters, get some rest?"

"I'll stay here," Leo said quietly.

"He's going to be all right, I've already told you that. He lost a lot of blood, and we had to rebuild his heart, but he's going to be fine. It will take a few weeks for him to fully recuperate, but..."

"And I will be here for him," Leo said quietly. "And if you want to have
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