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albeit on a limited basis.

Vir sat at a table, feeling puzzled and confused. Then he spotted Lennier walking past. The Minbari was moving slowly, surveying the sight as if he couldn't quite register that the danger was over. "Lennier!" Vir called, gesturing for him to come over. Lennier approached him slowly, looking rather guarded. Vir noticed that he was walking with a slight limp. There were bruises on his face. "You okay?" asked Vir.

Slowly Lennier sat down opposite him, regarding him in a most peculiar fashion. He didn't say anything.

"Did you hear about everything that went on around here?" said Vir. "Fighting and craziness ... and apparently I was involved in it! Me! Can you believe it?" He shook his head. "I'll tell you, usually Centauri dreams are good luck, but wow, this was something! Can you believe the craziness?"

Lennier still said nothing.

"Fights and power outages," continued Vir, "and that... that crazy artifact had something to do with it. There hasn't been anything official yet, any kind of statement. I wish Londo were here. He'd be up in Sheridan's office right now, demanding to know what was going on. Me, I take the more sedate approach, you know? I figure, all things will be made known in their time. What's the point of rushing it? You find out too many things at once, you just get a headache. Can I get you anything, by the way? I know you don't drink alcohol because it makes you, well, crazy, although crazy around here seems to be the order of the day. But maybe something that..."

"You hit me on my bone," Lennier said, sounding rather put out.

Vir blinked and leaned forward. "What?"

"You hit me."

"I hit you?"

"On my bone."

"On your bone? I don't understand..." sputtered Vir.

"It is a fairly self-explanatory statement.
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