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of defensive fighting stance, apparently ready to take on more people who were crowding in at the door. Except that they looked as confused as Leo felt.

"What's ... going on here?" demanded Leo. "Who are all you people? What are you..."

Then he saw Sheila on the ground, looking like a wild animal...

... and Alex...

"God in heaven! " howled Leo, and he seemed to leap through the air to his brother's side. "Alex! Alex!-Do something!" he shouted at Lennier, "Do something, call somebody, oh my God, Alex, Sheila..." and he looked at her, his hysteria building. "Who did this!"

She looked at him coldly.

And he knew.

And he started to scream.

As Delenn, in the Minbari cruiser, surveyed the damage all around them, she said over the com system, "Delenn to assault fleet... escort all damaged ships to base. And be careful... some of the smaller enemy ships may have survived."

Then Sheridan's voice came over the system. "By the way, Delenn, while you're making suggestions ..."

She saw it coming as, with a smile, she said, "Yes?"

"It looks like I used up the last of my navigation pack getting out of the artifact. You think you can swing by and pick me up on the way in?"

"Of course," Delenn told him solicitously. "In the fullness of time."

"And how long is that?" came his suspicious voice. She made no reply, of course. "This isn't funny, Delenn," he said after a few moments, sounding rather annoyed.

"Yes, it is," she corrected him calmly.

"No," Sheridan replied with utter conviction. "It isn't."

Chapter 19

Trent said, "I'm sorry for what happened, Captain."

She and Sheridan were facing each other across his desk. Trent seemed a very different woman from the confident, swaggering scientist with whom he'd locked horns earlier.
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