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power. For just a split second she thought she saw a single, flying figure highlighted against the dazzling fight of the discharge, then the light obscured whatever she might be able to make out.

But she saw him again-more distinctly, completely clear of the explosion. She fancied that he even waved in her general direction.

"Mission accomplished," said Ivanova with a relieved sigh. "We got it, Delenn. We got it..."

In the Zocalo, Zack slammed an elbow into the face of an attacker, who went down. He spun, turning his furious expression toward Vir, and grabbed the Centauri with one hand while drawing back a fist to plunge it into his face.

And suddenly, Vir's face seemed to clear. "Stop! What're you ... ?"

Zack paused, frozen in place, as Vir looked around like a confused person waking from a dream. "What am I doing here? Why are you hitting me?" he demanded, his voice rising in indignation. "I was just in the transport tube with Ivanova..."

For just a moment, Zack suspected it might be a trick, and he toyed with the idea of knocking Vir cold anyway. But then the lights came on. Zack absolutely could not believe it.

Nor could Franklin, who called into his comlink, "Franklin to Medlab." He leaned over the injured woman whom he had been afraid to move.

"Medlab online," came the reply as relief flooded through the healer. "We've been looking for you, Doctor! Where are you?!"

"Zocalo, and I need a team here, stat!"

Leo Rosen had a headache. His head was ringing, as if someone had struck him a hard blow.

He looked around a room that seemed very strange to him, and a scene that was like something out of a bad dream.

There were half a dozen unconscious people on the floor, and a very exhausted Minbari standing in the center of them, in some sort
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