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He coiled his legs under Leo and shoved him off. His opponent stumbled backward, tripping over Sheila, and crashed to the floor. And then something within Sheila snapped and she leaped upon him with a shriek like a demented harridan. Her fingernails extended like claws, she raked at Leo's face. "You bastard!" she howled in a paroxysm of fury. "You kill everything! You kill love! You kill devotion! You kill everyone who ever loved you! I hate you! I hate you!"

He shoved her back, roaring his own pain and fury, and the knife slashed across her arm, drawing a ribbon of blood.

Suddenly Lennier gripped him from behind, and the infuriated Minbari lifted the Human clear up into the air. "I have had enough!" shouted Lennier as he twisted and sent Leo hurtling across the room, to slam with full force into the far wall. Leo sagged for a moment, then seemed about to shake it off, but Lennier didn't give him the chance. He swung a hard right that snapped Leo's head around and sent him to the floor, gasping.

At that second, the door to the room suddenly burst open, and a dozen more followers of the One burst in. They were armed with clubs, knives, a dizzying assortment of blunt and sharpened instruments.

Lennier saw them, but instead of panicking, he drew his face into an expression that could only be described as resigned fury.

He did not wait. Instead, he charged.

"One minute ..." Sheridan's computer informed him, and the access panel seemed much too far away. Behind him, the creature was gaining momentum with each leap. Sheridan realized that the access panel was going to be too small for the creature pursuing him to get through, and if he could only stay ahead of it, and if he could only get clear ...

...if, if...

Impossibly he heard the monster give out
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