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screen high above him. Slowly he began to sense what it was that he was looking at. It was the transition point; the actual gate between their own universe and the alien vista, and there was something pulsing on the other side, preparing to come through.

As Sheridan moved closer to the grey screen, drawn toward it, propelled by morbid curiosity, he didn't realize that something had already come through.

Something huge.

Something hungry.

Something that had just noticed him....

As Leo plunged the knife down toward Sheila, Lennier grabbed a nearby chair and half lunged, half lurched as he threw it the length of the room. The chair crashed into Leo, staggering him, but he held firmly onto the knife.

This provided enough time, however, for Lennier to get unsteadily to his feet. "Is the One only a believer in attacking helpless women? I call the One a coward!" Lennier said forcefully.

With a howl of fury, Leo turned and charged him. He swung the knife in and Lennier quickly, effortlessly, blocked the thrust. He twisted Leo's arm in a move pitting bone against muscle, a move which should have forced Leo's hand to spring open and drop the knife.

It didn't work. Instead Leo clung to the knife with a determination that bordered on the supernatural. For a moment they struggled against each other, shoving, grunting, and then Len-nier's leg betrayed him. He stumbled back to the floor, but clung on to Leo, who tumbled down atop him. They fought in silent fury, jockeying for position, the knife wavering between them.

Sheridan drew closer to the grey screen, and then for just a moment, the mists seemed to part. It was impossible to tell whether they did so naturally, or out of some sort of bizarre unearthly confidence in which the enemy revealed to Sheridan the
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