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and waiting to do battle with... with whatever the hell it was they were facing. The rest were still in the barn, awaiting the go order.

Ivanova was relieved to see that the com units between her shuttle and other fleet ships were still functional. "Ivanova to assault fleet ... we're out. You're clear to proceed." Obediently the remaining Starfuries dropped from their Cobra Bays, angling up and around toward the intended target.

Other pilots, having witnessed how easily dispatched Delta Squadron had been, might have carried with them a healthy degree of fear. Not the Starfury pilots of Babylon 5. The combination of battling Vorlons, Shadows, and the forces of Earth itself had hardened them to just about any odds, no matter how daunting. Instead each and every pilot was thinking of one thing and one thing only: payback for the annihilation of the brave men of Delta.

Still, they weren't so foolhardy as to fool themselves. They knew it was a difficult task ahead for them, and so there was relief among the pilots as jump points began to form in space directly in front of them. A flurry of Minbari cruisers and White Star ships came hurtling out. Hitting reverse thrusters, the vessels pulled to a halt, waiting for Ivanova to rendezvous with the lead White Star, and Delenn with one of the heavy cruisers. Even as Ivanova prepared to dock, she was barking orders. "Remember, hold position, do not fire until ordered," she warned the pilots.

The moment she docked, Ivanova practically leaped from the shuttle and charged up to the bridge at a dead run. There were several Minbari working the stations, and a Ranger sat at one of the consoles.

She felt that same customary feeling of ... oddness. No matter how many White Stars she had commanded, no matter how long she had been
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