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blood He flexed his toes and felt no numbness. Nonetheless, he stayed where he was. There was no reason to let on that he was feeling capable of making a fight of it, unless he had to.

"By those ships outside?" sneered Leo. "They have no prayer."

"If the One were truly confident, he would not need mindless dupes such as you to send matters into disarray."

"The One will triumph," Leo said firmly. "And I am not a mindless dupe."

"You wallow in hatred. You embrace your self-proclaimed victimhood. 'Mindless' seems a most appropriate description. If ..." He paused and then he said, not unkindly, "If a woman does not love you ... or if she is meant for someone else ... then you must accept it and deal with it as best as your soul will allow. This I know."

Leo looked at him for a long while, and for a moment Len-nier thought that he was getting through.

"Then you know nothing^ shouted Leo, and even as he shouted at Lennier, he lunged toward Sheila, driving the dagger down toward her heart.

There was no gravity inside the artifact, so all things considered, Sheridan was making excellent time. He forced himself to stay focused, because if he gave the artifact any sort of lengthy consideration, there was every possibility that he might go completely insane.

His surroundings had a bio-organic look to them, but it was like a fun-house-mirror perversion of Vorlon technology. Levels and walls seemed to come together with neither rhyme nor reason, but rather were laid out in a fashion that could only be considered chaotic. It seemed an impossibility that it would all join together, and yet it did in ways that Sheridan could not even begin to guess. He couldn't imagine the sort of minds that would conceive such a layout.

Then he realized that he could. He thought
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