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been at all accurate. Yes, indeed, all Sheridan's.

Ironic that his main goal had become to ensure that he would have time later on-time to mourn the results of his overwhelming hubris.

Then he saw flashes of light flaring from the other side of the artifact. Whatever ships remained in the fleet were firing on the artifact, hitting it with everything they had. It was a last-ditch effort, and as the artifact was pummeled, all the main energy of the force field rushed to the front to shore it up against the intensity of the assault.

Sheridan studied the rear of the field desperately. There wasn't anything. No weakness whatsoever. He realized he was going to have to throw himself against the field in what might be a suicidal move, but maybe he'd be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it had weakened enough to ...

Then he paused, his eyes widening. There was a spot, just ahead of him, a small opening that quite probably corresponded exactly to a point in the front where additional energy was being drawn. But energy flickered around the spot, starting to move in again to close it up.

Sheridan opened the throttle wide on his airpack, and he hurtled toward the opening. He was moving too quickly at that point to slow down or change his mind. If the field reintegrated before he got there, he was going to ricochet right off it... or worse.

He saw it closing and he knew there was absolutely no way he was going to make it through, no way, and he closed his eyes against the inevitable impact, counting down in his mind. Four... three ... two ... one ...

He sensed the energy all around him, and suddenly he realized he was through. He opened his eyes and there was the artifact, looming directly in front of him. He slammed on the reverse thrust from his airpack, and the burst
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