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as still as death.

Vir stared down at him, cradling the iron bar. "Satisfied?" he asked of Leo.

Leo nodded, but he was barely glancing in Lennier's direction. Instead he was glowering at Sheila, who had backed against the wall, her mouth making inarticulate noises. "PI-please don't," she managed to whisper.

Leo took a quick step forward, grabbed her chin, and slammed her head backward against the wall. The impact wasn't quite enough to knock her out completely, but it was sufficient to daze her. She slumped forward and Leo caught her, half-slinging her under his arm and starting to haul her away.

"Where are you going?" demanded Vir. "You're needed to stop them," and he pointed in another direction.

"This is personal," snarled Leo. "The One knows. The One understands."

"Fine," said Vir with patience. "Do what you need to, but be quick about it. We'll need everyone." He turned on his heel and headed off down the corridor in the direction Ivanova and De-lenn had gone.

Leo moved off in another direction, hauling the semiconscious Sheila as he went. At one point he wandered across a security squad whose members looked him over suspiciously. "I'm fine!" he said to the group. "My wife was injured. I'm bringing her back to our quarters, it's just ahead, we'll be okay!"

The security team leader, in a hurry to get to another point of conflict, nodded in quick comprehension and led his team away. Sheila, aware of their presence but too stunned to get a word out, was only able to generate a single tear rolling down her face. But that was all.

Thanks to a temporary rerouting of power, Delenn's flyer and Ivanova's shuttle emerged from the docking bay, hurtling themselves into the darkness of space. One Starfury squadron was already outside the station, poised
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