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might even be internal bleeding, considering the size of the bruises that were appearing on her skin. She was moaning still, looking for all the world like a woman who was in shock. She might be concussed, she might be anything.

Franklin, with his portable med kit, was doing the best he could with the field situations that he was encountering, but he was particularly concerned about this woman. She didn't look to be in especially good shape.

"What's your name?" he asked her, hoping to get an answer and to keep her conscious.

"Marion," she suddenly said, so unexpectedly that it startled him a little.

"Okay, Marion," he said after a moment. "We're going to get you all taken care of."

"I'll be fine," she told him, speaking in a very distant voice. She definitely sounded as if she were in shock. She started to move as if she had some hope of actually getting to her feet, and even as Franklin told her to stay where she was, she let out a shriek that reverberated throughout the Zocalo. Her head slumped back and her eyes rolled up, her body shuddering in pain. God only knew what she had done to herself in her foolish endeavor to move.

He did the best he could to immobilize her even as he tapped on his comlink, saying, "Franklin to Medlab."

"Won't do you any good, Doc," Zack said. He was perched nearby, his gaze slowly sweeping the area like a conning tower. "Comlink is off line."

As if he hadn't heard him-which perhaps he hadn't- Franklin said once again, "Franklin to Medlab..."

"I keep telling you," Zack said with increasing annoyance, "com systems are down..."

Franklin looked up at Zack in exasperation. "I need a trauma team," he said, as if saying it with sufficient annoyance would somehow cause the team to pop into existence. "I can't take a risk
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