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injured man?"

"Uhm... uh..." It took her a moment to try and pull the information from the scattered remnants of her brain. Bad enough that she was new to Babylon 5, and having a tough time remembering where and what everything was. But she was clearly teetering on the edge of shock, and it was taking every ounce of willpower she had not to fall off the edge. "It's, uhm ... on Green Level... level 12, section 5 ... room ... room 26, yes, that's it..."

"That is very good, Sheila," he said, and patted the back of her hand as if they were on a Sunday stroll. "Very good. Now simply remain with me and all will be well..."

He tried to engage her in casual conversation as they made their way down the darkened hallway. The woman was clearly scared, and Lennier spoke to her in as calm and soothing a voice as he could manage.

"Lennier!" came an unexpected voice. Lennier glanced over his shoulder and there, approaching him in his customary fussed and slightly overwhelmed manner, was Vir.

Having felt slightly foolish over his behavior with Ivanova, Lennier this time made a snap

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