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over the channel, but then it went silent again.

"Oh, terrific," she said. "Now the com system is down. Look, lady," she began to say, "we've got to go ..."

"Don't leave me!" she practically screamed. "Don't leave me! Al is dead! Or dying! There was blood all over, and Leo, he..."

Ivanova was right: they had no time to deal with the hysterical woman, and Delenn knew it. "Lennier," she said. "Attend to her."

"But you..." he began to protest.

She shook her head. "I will be fine. The docking bays are just ahead, Susan is with me, and despite your concerns for me, I am not completely incapable of fending for myself. See to this woman. Find Security, and protect her from this 'Leo' until such time that she is secure. Bring her to my quarters for safekeeping, if necessary."

Lennier was about to protest, but he saw the determination in her eyes and knew there was no point in debating Delenn when she was so clearly set on a particular course of action. "Very well," he said.

Ivanova gently prodded the woman in Lennier's direction. She looked at him apprehensively, and probably wasn't even aware that her hand had been placed in his. "Wait!" she said nervously, but Delenn and Ivanova were already on their way, leaving her in the capable hands of the young Minbari.

"I am Lennier," he said, by way of trying to calm her.

He waited expectantly for her to reply, but she didn't, at least not immediately. After a moment, though, she developed enough presence of mind to say, "Sheila."

"Sheila," he repeated, pronouncing carefully the new name. He started to walk with her, gently urging her along. "First I will bring you to a safe haven. Then I will see to ... to Al."

"Have to ... to help Al...."

"Very well," said Lennier, "Where is he? Where can I find the
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