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" Ivanova said. "I was worried about how you were going to get down here. I'm going to grab a shuttle up to one of the White Stars soon as they arrive, and I figure you'll..." But then she noticed the way that Lennier was looking at her. "What?" she said in irritation. "What is it?"

"How do we know you are ... you?" Lennier demanded.

"Lennier, this is not a good time..."

He didn't budge from his defensive posture.

"Lennier," Ivanova said in a flat tone, "remember when I put curlers in Delenn's hair? Well, your caution and everything is noted and maybe even appropriate, but I swear to God, if you dorft stop standing there like a spastic ballet dancer, holding things up, I'm going to put curlers on your bone and twist it into a pretzel. Do we understand each other?"

Lennier and Delenn glanced at each other and said, in unison, "That's Ivanova." He lowered his guard and she walked over to them, again moving briskly. "Why are you coming this way? The bay is..."

"Mr. Allan said this way was clearer," Lennier explained.

Ivanova shrugged. "Fine. Down this way then, and..."

That was when they heard screaming. They turned as one, and saw a frantic woman dashing down the hallway. There was blood smeared on the front of her blouse, and there was incoherent terror in her eyes.

Ivanova caught her by the shoulders. Reflexively the woman tried to pull away, still screaming, and it took a moment for her attention to focus on Ivanova.

"You should be in your quarters!" Ivanova told her.

"He killed him! He killed Al! And Leo is after me! He's trying to kill me too!"

"We don't have time for this," muttered Ivanova as she toggled her comlink. "Ivanova to Security."


"Ivanova to Security."

Still nothing. For a moment there was a brief crackle
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