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"Captain's orders," Delenn told him flatly, realizing that extensive discussion was only going to eat up valuable minutes.

Zack seemed about to debate the issue, but realized that there wasn't time. "You need an escort to protect you?" he asked.

"I am fully capable of handling any threats to Delenn," Lennier informed him, not without a touch of pride.

"Yeah. Yeah, I bet you are," Zack said after a moment. Then he was almost yanked off his feet by one of the struggling prisoners they were escorting. "Hang a right and then another left!" he told them. "Slightly longer way around to the docking bays, but the route should be clear!"

"Thank you," Delenn called after him, but she suspected that he hadn't really heard her, occupied as he was by other matters-including not allowing the people they were escorting to strike him.

She and Lennier headed down the corridors that Zack had recommended. "The cruisers should arrive within three minutes," she said. "And the White Stars within two."

"That is exceptionally fast," Lennier commented.

"Not really. I've been keeping them on standby ever since the break from Earth, in the event that President Clark might make a direct assault upon Babylon 5. My personal flyer... ?"

"Is prepped and ready," he told her.

Then they slowed as they heard running feet coming from the other direction. Before she was even aware he was doing it, Lennier had pushed Delenn behind himself and taken up a defensive stance. Seconds later, the owner of the hurried tread came around the corner. Delenn let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Ivanova, but Lennier did not let his guard down for even a moment. His head was cocked slightly and it was clear he was waiting to see if Ivanova had become "one of them."

"Oh, good,
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