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in ebony beauty against the greyness of space. Every so often, inky lightning crackles across the tenebrous skies, as if to herald our arrival.

We are many. We are many who serve the One. There are hundreds of us, so many we appear from a distance as if we are a cloud wafting across the heavens.

We are a thing of beauty, such beauty as none in the other realm have seen for more years than any of their little minds can conceive.

We know their minds. We have entered them, caressed them, loved them, seduced them to our cause. They are our lovers and serve us eagerly, and all we have had to do is give them a glimpse, the slightest, most tantalizing taste, of all that we are. They hunger for it. They hunger for us.

And we will sate that hunger shortly before we obliterate them. We are coming. We come for you.

Chapter 16

Zack Allan couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

He was taking a moment to aid one of his teams in hauling several struggling people to one of the holding facilities ... facilities which were already becoming choked with people. Aside from Security personnel, no one in his right mind was out and about. But there, coming from the other direction down the corridor, were Delenn and Lennier.

"What are you two doing running around!" said Zack. The head of Security certainly looked as if he'd been in a fight: A couple of large bruises were already beginning to swell up under his eyes. His hair was disheveled, and a piece of it appeared to have been torn right out of his scalp. His lower lip was split and there were hints of dried blood under his nose. "Have you got any idea what's going on around here?"

"We must get to the docking bays," Lennier said.

"We're locked down throughout the station! You should be in your quarters!
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