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is using some kind of telepathic signal to control people, use them to keep us from shutting it down."

Looking over the consoles, she was starting to revise her gut instinct. There had been a struggle all right, but she was beginning to see signs that there had been some incidental destruction performed simply for the hell of it. As if someone had decided deliberately to complete something that had been started accidentally. She turned back and said, "Looks like they're doing a pretty good job of it. Listen, the captain needs to know what you found out about the artifact, anything at all that can help."

"Doesn't he have any ideas of his own?" asked Trent with unmistakable disdain.

"A few," Ivanova told her, trying to cover her annoyance over Trent's snotty attitude. Ivanova had to cut her some slack, after all, considering everything that was going on.

The kid-glove treatment, however, didn't appear to be mellowing Dr. Trent. Instead she said in annoyance, "Weii, J can't exactly advise you if I don't know what you have in mind."

Ivanova began, "I..." but then she was interrupted by a beep from her comlink. She brought it up and tapped it. "Ivanova."

Over the link came Sheridan's voice. There was a slight breathlessness to it, which indicated to Ivanova that he was in motion, probably running. "I'm on my way to Bay Nine," he informed her. "Scramble everybody you can, get them out. De-lenn's bringing in the Minbari cruisers, but I'll need you to command the White Stars."

In surprise, Ivanova said, "Me? So what're you going to be doing while I'm..."

Then her voice trailed off as she noticed something... something about Morishi that set off alarms in her head.

Burn marks, the kind that were characteristic of being on the receiving end of a PPG discharge.
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