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Ivanova had ever seen, but it wasn't as if this sort of experience got any easier through repeated exposure. It was still too dim for her to make out clearly just what had happened to Morishi. Then she sensed, rather than saw, a movement off to one side of the room. She whirled, her gun levelled, as someone separated from the shadows and stepped out to face her. She let out a low and unsteady breath of relief when she saw it was Dr. Trent.

Trent, who had been in the room longer and had already fully adjusted her sight to the dimness, said with relief, "Sorry...

There's been so much going on, everyone's acting so strangely. I had to make sure it was you."

Nodding in understanding, Ivanova indicated Morishi's body. "What happened to him?"

Trent looked down sadly at Morishi's unmoving form. "He saw your Starfuries coming at the artifact," she said, sounding extremely unhappy about the situation. "He was going to interfere. I think the device took control of him somehow. I stopped him ... and he ..." She paused, apparently finding it difficult to get the words out. "... came for me.... I shot him. There was no other way." Clearly there was a deep need for sympathy registering in her voice, and Ivanova nodded again. She could hardly condemn the woman for taking a life in self-defense, and for the purpose of endeavoring to save the lives of Starfury pilots.

"It's been happening all over the station," Ivanova confirmed briskly. She felt that the best way to take Trent's mind off the horror of what had just occurred was to simply progress to the next situation as crisply and efficiently as she could. Don't give Trent time to think about what had happened, since it might depress her or even immobilize her mentally, maybe even physically. Ivanova continued, "The device
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