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someone with you," she warned him. She knew what it was that he intended to do, and the thought of his embarking on such a desperate mission alone was frightening to her. Plus, concerns over his well-being aside, it left no backup in case he was stymied, or...

... worse.

But he was emphatically shaking his head as he said, "No. I can't... I have to go alone, you heard it... her" he quickly amended, although his confusion was understandable. Whatever the hell that glowing, ethereal being in the room had been, it was far more closely related to an "it" than a "her." He con-^ ~ ~*> Oo what you have to do."

- mother. Retracing her


There was no immediate response. She moved farther into the room, and sure enough, the place had been wrecked. But a quick glance told her that this hadn't been simply a random group of lunatics coming in and wrecking things. There wasn't the sense of free-form chaotic wreckage that she'd have associated with such an assault. Nothing had been caved in or smashed. Instead everything had been knocked around or back, which gave her the gut feeling that there had been some sort of a struggle.

It was dim, just as everyplace else on the station, the only illumination provided by limited emergency lighting and occasionally sparking equipment. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, and that was when she saw the body.

It was slumped over a console, and after a few seconds' observation she was reasonably sure that it wasn't someone trying to catch her off guard. This was definitely a dead individual. She reached over and pulled on the corpse's shoulder. It slumped back and Bill Morishi's lifeless eyes stared up at her in what seemed a rather accusatory fashion.

It certainly wasn't the first dead body that
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