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someone who had a good deal of experience with the ways of Vorlons. The manner in which that incredible energy had just poured out of Lyta's eyes and mouth ... it couldn't help but drive home to her just how little she knew, after all this time, about the true practices of Vorlons. It was a frightening and disheartening realization, particularly considering what close allies the Vorlons had been for such a long period of time.
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ie aoor. Framed in the doorway stood

tytaTlooking out but, at the same time, looking inward. The

unearthliness had disappeared from her voice, but she still had

a faraway sound to her as she murmured, "Our mistake. One of

many. So many..." With those words, the glow from within

departed her, and-every fiber of her heart and soul spent- Lyta slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Ivanova had already checked in Dr. Trent's quarters and hadn't found her there. Now, as she approached the backup C&C which had been made over into Trent's unofficial headquarters, she saw flashes of light from within that seemed like quick sparks or energy discharges. The kinds of things one would see if equipment had been trashed. It didn't exactly give her a good feeling about what she was going to find.

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the momentary weakness on his own.

That was all too typical of him, and Delenn had still not managed to figure out whether this was John's personality or a determined and pig-headed behavior that was typical of the entire species. His voice sounding more like its businesslike self, he continued, "You know what to do?"

She nodded, but her own role in the scheme of things proved secondary to her concerns at that moment. "You should take
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