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forward toward him.

And in a move so fast that Sheila's eye barely registered it, Leo's arm swung down, snatched the fallen bottle and moved upward in one smooth motion. The jagged bottle buried itself in Alex's chest. Alex's eyes went wide. Blood spread from the point of entry, his shirt turning dark red. Blood began to stream down the bottle and pour out the lip.

"You won't have to live the lie anymore," muttered Leo as he stepped aside and allowed Alex to slide to the floor. Then his crazed scrutiny fell upon Sheila, and he started toward her.

She threw herself against the door ... and it opened a foot. It was just wide enough for her to slip through and she back-pedaled and stumbled into the hallway with a shriek, Leo's blood-soaked hands stretching out toward her. For just a moment he got a grip on her, smearing blood on her shirt, and then she pulled free. With a snarl of fury, Leo pitted his strength against the door and, moments later, he'd cleared enough space to slide through. He saw in which direction Sheila had fled and started off after her.

The One would be pleased with his actions. The rightness of the One filled him, the willingness to wield violence to serve his needs. It was like a blind man suddenly being given sight.

He looked at the blood on his hands and smiled.

It was beautiful. Aside from the city, and the glory of the One, he had never seen anything so beautiful in his entire life.

Sheridan stumbled out of Lyta's quarters with an extremely dazed look on his face. He felt himself starting to wobble, and then Delenn's strong hands steadied him. "Are you sure you're all right?" she asked, extremely worried over his condition.

She had never seen anything like what she had witnessed within Lyta's quarters, and she was certainly
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