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their reunion, of celebrating that the awfulness of their history was finally behind them. Seizing it by the neck, Leo swung it around and slammed the base against the table, shattering the bottle. Champagne poured over the floor in a fizzy wave, and he was left holding the neck and three quarters of the bottle, brandishing a fierce jagged edge at his brother.

Alex couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. But then Leo started to advance on him, liquid still dripping off the bottle's jigged edges, and he was murmuring, "If only you'd admitted it... if only you'd admit it now...."

Sheila backed up frantically, pulling on Alex's sleeve as she bolted for the door.

It didn't open.

She whirled, her desperate eyes looking to Alex, and Alex faced his demented brother and said loudly, "You were right!"

Leo froze. He cocked his head to one side like an attentive dog. "About... what?"

"Everything! The affair, the jealousy ... even my bribing the telepath lady. Everything."

"I... I was?"

"Yes!" Alex said emphatically. Sheila was staring at him with open incredulity, but then she quickly wiped the astonishment off her face as she realized what he was doing. "Yes, everything! You saw through us, Leo. You were right and everyone else in the family was wrong. We couldn't fool you. We could never fool you. I'll tell them all, Leo. Tell everyone that you were right. You'll be completely vindicated, that's what you'll be."

"You'd ... you'd do that?" whispered Leo. "For me, you'd do that?"

"It's only right, Leo. It's only fair. This lie I've been living... it's time to end it."

Leo began to sob. His fingers straightened, the bottle slipping from his hand and thudding to the floor. He opened his arms to his brother.

"Leo," whispered Alex, and he stepped
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