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been stampeding around the place.

"You're going to be all right, Leo," Sheila said, putting down the blood-soaked towel. He lay there on the bed and stared up at her as she took his chin and moved his face this way and that, inspecting him. "So who busted your nose?"

"One of the crazy people!" Alex answered for Leo. "Who else? This whole place has gone nuts! Sheila, I'm so sorry..."

"Sorry?" She rose from the bed and looked at him in surprise. "Sorry for what? What did you do?"

"What did I do? I brought you here! I told you to come! If it weren't for me, this wouldn't have happened."

"Al, who knew? Don't do this to yourself." She went to him then and embraced him forgivingly.

And from behind them, Leo's voice came, low and ominous, "He's right, Sheila. If it weren't for him, this wouldn't have happened."

"Oh, Leo," she started to say while she turned to face him. And then she was taken aback as she saw the expression on his face.

"If he'd just admitted what he'd done," Leo continued, "admitted it all those years ago... it could have been so different. I would have forgiven you. He seduced you. He was the one who did it," and his voice rose in fever pitch. "He was jealous of me! He was jealous!"

"Leo, you're not right in the head. You took a knock," Alex said, although he was beginning to suspect, with gnawing dread, that it was more than that. "Your own psychic lady, she said..."

"You paid her off. You got to her first. I should have realized it. The two of you, together in it, making me look like a fool. Just like you and Sheila, years ago, doing the same thing."

"Leo," Alex started again.

And then Leo grabbed a bottle of champagne off a nearby table. A special bottle that Alex had obtained there on Babylon 5, for the purpose of toasting
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