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We feared this day would come. They must be stopped, or hundreds of worlds will die."

The concept seemed overwhelming. At least with the Shadows, the Vorlons had regarded them as equal opponents. But these beings were daunting even to the Vorlons. What hope in hell did the younger races have? "How?" Sheridan asked, mystified

Lyta said, "Learn ..."

She turned to face him as if truly seeing him for the first time. As if she'd been talking mostly to herself until this moment. She put her hands on either side of his face, and peered into his eyes from deep within the burning whiteness of her own.

And the Vorlon presence, the energy, the essence, the- whatever it was-pulsed from her eyes and mouth into his.

Delenn gasped, took a step back, and prayed to whomever might be listening.

Marlette had barely had time to register that what they were facing indeed looked like some sort of bizarre jumpgate, when suddenly a glow began to emanate from the center. It was an unearthly green light, like nothing that Marlette-or any of the Starfury pilots-had ever seen. "Holy... what the hell is ihatT he asked over the com system, wondering if anyone might have a clue.

But before any sort of response could be forthcoming, the green light seemed to pulse, stretch ... and then Marlette realized that he was seeing something starting to ... to emerge from within.

At first he thought it was an animal. Then he thought it was a ship. And then he didn't know what to think, his mind desperately wanting to shut down rather than continue to witness something that called to the innermost recesses of his Humanity, and made it cringe in terror.

Whatever was coming through the artifact was part squid, part ship, part smoke, part shell... veined, tentacular, a nightmare construct.
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