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.. then darkness. But a strange glowing darkness, provided by the artifact. Except it wasn't an artifact, no, it was new and gleaming, a recent construct brimming with life.

And the words ... her words, its words, their words ... swirled in the air around them.

"We had traveled to a thousand worlds," she said with measured pride. "We brought order. Discipline. We appeared to them as beings of light. They saw us as emissaries from the universe. They saw us as gods. And we, in our pride, began to believe them. We believed that we were superior to the universe that gave us birth. We believed we could transcend this dimension, that we belonged to another, higher plane. And in the end, in terms you can understand ... we resolved to storm the gates of heaven itself."

Sheridan felt a chill around him and wondered if it was the air or the words that caused it. The image of the artifact began to grow larger and larger.

Pride. Pride goeth before a fall, that was the saying. Even as Lyta continued to speak, he instinctively knew what she was going to say. She was going to speak of a pride that could lead to the fall of... of everything.

"We applied all our wisdom, all our knowledge, to opening a door to another dimension ... a place we believed was the well of souls, the foundation for all life. We would touch the face of God and, in so doing, become gods ourselves." She paused, her voice becoming even deeper, darker. "We forgot that a door may swing in two directions. We were so concerned with getting out that we never stopped to consider what we might be letting in... until it was too late."

Sheridan could almost feel Delenn's worried gaze upon him, but he couldn't take his eyes off Lyta. There was something akin to genuine fear in her voice. But it was clear that
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