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and there was a floating glow that seemed to leap out because of the contrast in the darkness. There appeared to be twin, floating orbs ... and after a moment Sheridan and Delenn realized that they were glowing eyes. Lyta's eyes, but shining with an unearthly incandescence.

It was immediately apparent that whatever, or whomever, they were talking to, it was not Lyta Alexander. Delenn took a step forward and said slowly, "Who are you?"

"An echo of what was," Lyta, or whatever was in Lyta's form, said from a million miles away. "A memory. A warning embedded in the thoughts of each generation and passed on to the next. We were exploring memories when the device was found. That activated this memory ... this message."

Exploring memories, Sheridan thought. Lyta must have been doing something in connection with her normal day-to-day activities as a telepath. A freelance scan or some such. In a low voice he said to Delenn, "Lyta once told me there might be some leftover programming still inside her, put there by the Vorlons when they took off for the Rim. This could be part of it."

"Yes," Lyta affirmed softly. "A race memory. Our great mistake. Our failing. And now your failing. The error is compounded."

Delenn said in confusion, as if she'd missed something, "What mistake?"

"The first one ... the one from which all mistakes proceed. The error of pride."

Sheridan wasn't sure if he was imagining it, but it seemed to him as if there were images floating in the air. As if the darkness were congealing to perform a sort of shadow play. Or perhaps echoes of what was going through Lyta's mind were now transferring to his own thoughts, to help illuminate her words. Ships, recognizable as Vorlons', passing over a planet that might have been Earth ... and then ...

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