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and when Alex saw that Leo was injured, he was extremely alarmed.

No less so was Sheila, who cried out, "What happened to you? Oh God, it was one of these wandering hordes of crazy people, wasn't it! Al, your room, it's this way, right?"

"This way, actually," he said, indicating a different direction. Sheila hurried along, pulling a slightly confused Leo with her, and within moments they were safely within the confines of Alex's quarters.

"Safely," of course, being an extremely relative term.

Sheridan walked briskly down the hallway, his progress interrupted only once when a demented-looking bruiser stepped out of a side corridor, let out a roar, gargling a word that sounded like "soggoth," and charged. Sheridan didn't even slow his step as he hauled off and slugged his attacker. The man went down and Sheridan stepped over his twitching body.

The hall was dark, except for the emergency lights. As he rounded a corner, he heard footsteps coming from the other direction. For a heartbeat he anticipated another possible attack, but then he realized that he recognized that tread. Sheridan wasn't in the habit of being able to know who was approaching him merely by the sound of their footfall, but this was someone whose every movement he knew as well as his own.

Sure enough, there came Delenn from the opposite direction. She looked slightly out of breath, as if she'd had a disconcerting experience. But since she was clearly present and undamaged, he could afford to put off asking about it for another time. Instead he simply said, with a half smile, "Looks like you had the same idea I did."

"It seemed like the logical choice."

Sheridan touched the bell next to the door. "Lyta? It's Delenn and John Sheridan," he called. "We need to talk to you."

There was
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