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new attackers.

"I need to talk to Lyta Alexander. She may be the only source of answers for all this."

If Lennier questioned the wisdom of Delenn taking a stroll over to Lyta's at a time when all common sense dictated that she should be back in her quarters, he gave no sign. With a slight inclination of his head, he said, "As I recall, her quarters are in that direction. You go. I shall hold off, and dispense with, your assailants."

"Lennier, are you sure?"

He assessed the location of his slowly approaching opponents, and decided he could afford to risk a quick glance in her direction. He did so, saying, "I promised I would follow you through fire. These," and he indicated them with a nod, "are little more than overexcited embers. Go. I shall attend to them."

Taking him at his word-for indeed, what choice did she have-Delenn headed off down the corridor.

Leo Rosen, still clutching his nose, crawled off in another direction as the remaining five assailants charged the lone Minbari.

The corridor was a bit more confining than Lennier would have liked, but he needed merely to make some adjustments to his fighting style, and then he was in motion. He leaped into the air, executing a perfect spin kick that took down the first of those charging him. It sent that fellow staggering back into another, even as Lennier landed in a crouch, ready for more, with a smile of grim determination on his face.

In the cobra bays, the efforts of the technicians, who were working in coordination with C&C, finally bore fruit and it was announced, "We have power. Go for launch."

The bay doors began to slide open. The pilots had been ready and eager to act, and the Starfuries barely had minimal clearance room available when they leaped outward into space to do battle with
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