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utter bedlam.

Suddenly, the members of the Human blockade all began to mutter or chant. They used words that Delenn had never heard before. Whether they were names or descriptive words, curses or chants, she couldn't discern. They were nonsense to her. Sounds such as "tekeli-li" had no meaning for her whatsoever, although clearly they meant something to the people who were voicing them.

"I will not ask you again," Delenn said firmly. She advanced as if she fully expected them to give way, hoping that through sheer confidence she could shove her way through before they knew what had hit them. It was a worthwhile gamble and, considering the situation she was in, possibly the only one she had.

They charged her.

Delenn uttered a cry, backpedaling as fast as she could. Leo was in the lead, and he lunged forward and grabbed her arm. She tried to pull it away, but he would not yield an inch, and there was an expression on his face of such demonic intensity that it cut Delenn to the very core of her soul.

And then Delenn heard, rather than saw, an impact. There was a rush of air just aside her face as if something had streaked past her faster than the eye could follow. Leo's head snapped back, a jet of blood fountaining from his nose as he went down, clutching at it.

The remaining five assailants took a step back, reassessing the situation, and Delenn let out a sigh of incredulous relief as Lennier stepped in between them and her. There was a spot of blood on the side of his right hand, from where he had bashed in Leo's nose, but he ignored it. He struck a fighting stance, and the others started to approach him cautiously.

"This is not the way to your quarters," Lennier said with a tone that sounded astonishingly conversational, even as he readied himself for
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