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that everything was in such disarray. All was chaotic, which was the way of the One. They felt alive for the first time in their lives, completely exhilarated, thrilled to be part of something greater than themselves. Greater than anything.

As one, they headed off down the hallway in search of new victims.

Delenn, too, was hurrying down a corridor as quickly as she could, and suddenly she found herself facing a wall of Humans. A small wall, to be sure, about half a dozen of them, but they had arrayed against her.

"Out of my way, please," she said with a rising sense of urgency.

There was a pause, the moment electric, and then the station public address system clicked on. "This is Security to all station personnel and guests," came the voice of Zack Allan. "The situation has become critically dangerous. We are imposing immediate curfew and lockdown. Do not leave your quarters for any reason, I repeat, for your own safety, stay inside."

"Thanks for the tip," she murmured, mostly to herself, and then she looked at those obstructing her way. "I wish to get to my quarters," she said.

Leo shook his head. The truth was that he had really not been himself for the last several decades. But today he was even less himself than usual. "No," he said softly. "You wish to stop the One. You are not of the One. You lie to us."

The fact of the matter was, she had lied to them. That was a fairly impressive bit of intuition on the part of those confronting her. Or perhaps it wasn't simply intuition, perhaps it was something more. Indeed, she had not been heading to her quarters, but instead to those of another ... the only person who, as far as Delenn was concerned, might possess some insight into whatever it was that had seized the station and threatened to turn it into
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