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happened to be Leo Rosen, was right behind the first, but he saw the fate of his associate and took a wary step backward. Zack advanced on him, swinging the stick in a warning fashion, and Leo backed off completely, to be replaced quickly by a coldly infuriated Nam. Zack jabbed the stick forward and the Nam staggered, grunting under the charge... but that was all. Then he swung his powerful arm in a looping curve and caught Zack with a cruel blow to the upper shoulder. Zack gasped under the impact as his arm went momentarily numb. He ducked under the next thrust, sidestepped, and kept the dulled arm between the two of them. If he couldn't use it offensively at the moment, he'd use it as a shield. The

Nam was momentarily off balance, and Zack lashed out with a side kick to the Nam's knee that caused the attacker to stagger and then fall. Even as he went down, the Nam swung a blow that struck Zack in the upper arm, but since there was still numbness thanks to the previous shot, no further pain really registered. The Nam tried to scramble to his feet and Zack, aching and angry, slammed a boot heel directly into his face. The Nam rolled over on his back and stopped moving.

Others in the crowd had been charging as well, but the tide was beginning to rum. As if sensing it, and wanting to maintain the advantage of surprise, the mob suddenly started to back off. The security men charged forward and immediately the opposing forces dispersed in all directions. But Zack was all too certain that this wasn't a full-scale retreat, or anything even remotely resembling a surrender.

Meanwhile, Leo Rosen was among those who had hurriedly dispersed. He found himself in a group with about half a dozen others. They looked at each other with smug satisfaction, pleased with themselves
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