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it does."

Ivanova's voice exhibited her own barely restrained conviction-that they were facing utter doom-as she said, "I have a nasty feeling that this is only the warm-up. It's shut us down, immobilized us, and now it's powering up. Question is, what is it powering back up for?"

Sheridan had absolutely no idea. However, Ivanova could see in his eyes that he'd already come to a conclusion as to a definite course of action. When the tube doors slipped open, he walked out and headed in the opposite direction from C&C, which was where she had thought sure he was heading. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"To see Lyta," Sheridan told her. She'd already told him about what she had discovered about Lyta, and now was apparently the time for him to take that knowledge and do ... something with it, even if he wasn't quite sure what. "If that tiling's putting out telepathic impulses, she might be able to help. Besides, it's got Vorlon writing all over it. You know anyone who got closer to the Vorlons than she did?"

With that, he dashed off in the direction of Lyta's quarters, as Ivanova headed off in the other direction. She couldn't get the image of that city out of her mind, and began to wonder whether she hadn't seen a premonition of the new tenants in Babylon 5.

The fight turned vicious very quickly. In the beginning, Zack had felt the need to try and hold back, because he knew that none of these people were really in control of what they were doing. But as minutes passed, and the fight showed no sign of slowing down or ending, Zack's patience faded into nonexistence. Furthermore, it had gone beyond mere patience and restraint, as Zack and his people were now fighting for their lives.

He swung a shock stick at one Human and the man went down. Another man, who
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