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and then Sheridan's link beeped at him. He tapped it. "Sheridan, go."

He heard the voice of Zack Allan over the comlink, but that wasn't all. For a brief, insane moment it sounded to him as if Zack were at some sort of sporting event. Certainly the crowd noise seemed to indicate it. But then the moment passed, and Sheridan realized that the security head was trying to quell a complete riot.

"Captain ... we've got a problem in the cobra bays," Zack said without even bothering to identify himself. "We've got a bunch of people trying to get to the fighters, keep them from launching."

"Do you need backup?" asked Sheridan.

"Already called in the troops," reported Zack. "We can hold 'em here. But we've got similar problems all over the station, It's all random violence, like they want to keep us off balance, disorganized. They look like they're under some kind of telepathic influence."

Sheridan and Ivanova looked at each other silendy as if to say, That's all we need.

"I told my men to use shock sticks to avoid killing anybody..." Zack continued over the link-"though I'm pretty tempted right now. It's not their fault, they're under outside control. We can't kill 'em for that." Then Sheridan heard a bottle shattering. From the loudness of it, it sounded as if someone had tossed a bottle squarely at Zack, who must have just barely managed to get out of its way. A second later he muttered, "Least... not yet..." which more or less confirmed Sheridan's assessment.

"All right... hang tight," Sheridan told him. "Just keep them out of the bays!"

Zack said, "I'll do the best I can." He did not, however, sound overly optimistic.

Sheridan turned to Ivanova and said, "Get to Dr. Trent, see what she's got to do with this. Maybe she knows what that thing is and what
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