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that they had been masterfully manipulated by this ... this whatever-it-was ... the entire time. And the most frightening aspect of all was that, whatever this thing had set into motion, it had had plenty of time to plan it. Not only the time during which the technicians had mindlessly been swarming all over it, like ants aggressively trying to pull a pin from a grenade, but all the time it had been sitting in hyperspace. Here were Sheridan and his people, frantically trying to head off some sort of plot that could literally have been eons in the making.

He had to force himself to stop thinking in that direction, because it simply wasn't going to accomplish anything. He had to deal with the current situation, and that was all. One step at a time. "Tell them to hurry," he said urgently. "If we keep losing power at this rate, pretty soon we won't be able to launch. Use 'em or lose 'em."

They entered a transport tube and as the door slid shut behind them, Sheridan could only pray that they didn't become immobilized. Who in hell wanted to spend Armageddon stuck in an elevator? "Do we have com systems?" he asked as the transport started up.

"Yeah, but I don't know how much longer they'll last."

Always count on Ivanova to go straight for the downside, he thought, and that was the moment the transport lift chose to shudder beneath their feet. They gripped the sides as the lights went out... but it was only momentary. The lights flared back into existence and the shuddering halted as the lift continued along its path. Sheridan was unable to contain a sigh of relief as he observed, "We can't afford to lose power to the tubes. This place is too big to get around on foot. Direct power to life support, rotational systems, and transportation."

Ivanova nodded in understanding,
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