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no mood at all to take any crap. "You're all in violation of station ordinance 22V3A," he practically roared. "That means get the hell out ofherer

The acolytes of the One, the keepers of the truth and worshippers of the city, gave as much weight to Zack's warning as they clearly felt it was due: approximately half a second of thought. Then they charged.

And as they attacked, Zack's first thought was, We're gonna need more backup. ...

Sheridan was walking quickly down a corridor, Ivanova practically running to keep up. Every so often the lights would flicker and dim above them as C&C continued in its valiant struggle to find ways of rerouting power back to the main systems. But from what Ivanova already knew, and from what she could determine from her own observations, she knew that they were in deep trouble. In any number of ways, they were locked in a power struggle.

"-engineering reports a fifteen-percent drop in power, continuing to fall."

Sheridan said grimly, "The artifact."

She didn't have to confirm it; clearly it wasn't even a question. "They jump-started the thing, and now it's drained us dry."

He sidestepped a couple of running people and didn't even notice them. "How many squadrons are out there?" he demanded.

"Just Delta Squadron."

He blinked a moment in surprise. Ivanova was a self-starter; why was she sitting around waiting on the squadrons when they might be out there doing some good. "Get the rest outside."

"We're trying," she replied. For her part, she was clearly surprised that Sheridan thought it could possibly be that simple. "The power drain has shorted out the controls for the cobra bay doors. They're working on it now."

He realized he should have known. He felt a growing sense of dismay, and couldn't help but believe
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