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by the covert Psi Cops. Lyta had been rattled, she had been controlled, she had been downright terrified.

Ivanova thought about the warnings of "Danger" scrawled all over the interior of Lyta's quarters. Of Lyta's single-minded attempt to attack and destroy the artifact. Of the outbreaks of violence for no apparent reason. Of the incredible darkness and foreboding that seemed linked to that... that thing which floated nearby. That thing that was as black and ominous as the city which had invaded her dreams.

And she knew. She knew beyond all question, past all certainty.

The entire thought process had taken her only seconds as she toggled her link. She was running and didn't even realize it. "Ivanova to Sheridan."

"Sheridan, go."

"I think we've got a problem with the artifact. I think there's terrible danger connected to it."

"What makes you think that?" said Sheridan, sounding worried.

She flashed on the scribbling which had consumed the entirety of Lyta Alexander's quarters.

"I read the writing on the wall," she told him.

First technician Kuehler approached Pandora's box with the key.

He wasn't aware of that, of course. As far as he was concerned, there in the darkness of space illuminated by the mounted framework lights, he was merely placing an energy cell into a broken section of the artifact. A move no more inherently dangerous than anything else he had done during his time on this project.

Kuehler wasn't operating alone on this one. There were several other forklifts around, as well, each doing its part, gently easing the cell into place. He was in direct communication with all of them, overseeing the entire procedure. "Careful... five degrees to starboard ... just ease it on in."

Over his system, a somewhat strident female voice
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