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Her mind was elsewhere, and Vir's voice registered merely as background noise. "Did you?" she asked, doing a good impression of someone who was interested, even though she wouldn't have been capable of repeating what Vir had just said if someone had put a PPG to her head.

"Well, you and several other women." Vir started to grin at the recollection, and then suddenly he appeared to recall where he was. Very quickly, he wiped the smile off his face. "There's no reason to get into the details..."

Ivanova said, "Probably not." Indeed, she couldn't think of a reason, considering that she wasn't all that up on what Vir was talking about.

"But it was a very vivid dream."

Ivanova grunted noncommittally as the lift slowed to a stop at her floor. The doors began to open, and as she moved toward them, Vir was continuing to speak as if not entirely aware that her departure was imminent. "And there was this city... it was just gorgeous...."

She took one step out of the lift and was half a heartbeat away from exiting it completely. Then, for the first time in the entire conversation, Vir's words suddenly sunk in. Ivanova spun and stuck her hands in between the doors, stopping them from closing. Vir blinked in surprise as Ivanova said, "A city."


With growing intensity, she continued, "A big, black city."

His eyes widened. It was as if he were at a party, watching a magician perform a parlor trick. "Yes!"

"With a big, black tower in it, about..." she had no frame of reference, so she gestured toward an imaginary sky and picked a number "-five miles high."

Vir audibly gasped. If she'd suddenly ripped off her face to reveal that she was, in fact, Londo Mollari in disguise, she could not have gotten a bigger reaction. "Yes! That's amazing!"

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