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ever having to worry about being pulled into another war. Although it had been some years since it had been fought, the scars from the Earth-Minbari War always hovered just below the surface of his race's psyche. If Earth mastered this technology, who would ever try to pick a fight with Earth again? They wouldn't dare: not if Earth had mastery over Thirdspace, capable of making instantaneous strikes with no fear at all of personal loss. No one-not the Minbari, not the Centauri, no one-would be willing to take the risk against that kind of firepower. The stars which the people of Earth looked to would never again need to serve as a reminder of what a strange and frightening place space could be. Not with the advent of Thirdspace.

Morishi couldn't even begin to dwell on the philosophical or moral aspects of it. His mind switched over into purely scientific mode as he analyzed Trent's statements, trying to see if there might be something she had overlooked, if somehow she might have arrived at an erroneous conclusion. But it seemed to make perfect sense. Thoughtfully he said, "That might explain what happened, the signs of damage. Whoever originally created it might've intended to use it as a weapon against another race ... only that race attacked before it could be activated." Then he ran up against a block in reasoning and shook his head. "But that doesn't explain how it got into hyperspace; I mean wouldn't they try to keep it for themselves?"

He couldn't tell whether Trent had considered that aspect or not, because she waved it off as irrelevant. "Doesn't matter, it's ancient history." She glanced around as if they were being observed, and when she spoke again, it was with what sounded like vague resentment in her voice. "What does matter is that sooner or later the
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