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swivelled his gaze toward them. "I'm fine, Alex. Perfectly fine. This is so nice, the three of us. Just like the old days."

"Better than the old days," Alex said. " 'Cause we don't have to have that suspicion anymore that made the good old days, well... not so good."

"Yes," said Leo distantly. "Such suspicions. Such silliness."

Sheila reached out and took his hand. She was surprised to feel that it was colder than she remembered, but she ignored it as she said, "I'm glad you realize that, Leo. I'm glad that you know there's other things in life besides pointless worries...."

"Oh, of course. Because there's really only one thing that matters."

"Love," said Sheila.

"Family," said Alex at almost the same time.

But Leo looked at them in a patronizing, almost pitying way and said, "The city."

This prompted Alex and Sheila to stare at each other, each clearly wondering if they had missed something. "The city?" asked Alex after a moment.

"You don't know," said Leo. He shook his head sadly. "Neither of you know. I can see it in the emptiness of your eyes. Eyes that have never seen anything truly great, truly... perfect."

"Leo ... I'm thinking, maybe you might want to go lie down...." Alex began.

Leo rose from the chair, his breakfast untouched. He leaned forward and whispered, loudly enough so that they both could hear, "I know what you did. The city knows. It told me true."

"We're back to that again?" Alex couldn't quite believe it. "Leo, the telepath lady... your own person... she told you..."

"Doesn't matter what she told me," replied Leo. "None of it matters. I don't have to listen to her... or you, or you," and he pointed to Alex and Sheila respectively. "The city is all I need now. It's my beginning, my end. And you will understand. You
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